The workshops are offered in groups or on a one-to-one basi at The Green Centre, London as well as other locations in the UK and abroad.                                   

For a more intensive experience we offer our Holistic Travel and Retreats programme.

We also arrange tailor made programmes to suit your particular needs.


- Holistic Meditation and Self-Hypnosis  -

 - Discover and Harmonise your four Faculties -

             - Explore and Integrate your Ego-Roles -

                 - Reconnect with your Higher-Self -                             

                              - Past Life Regression -                            

- Release Ceremony -

                          - Shamanic Journeys - 

                           - The Bitching-fest -                  



Short Workshops                                                                  Afternoon or evening sessions. 2 hours. £ 30

Basic Workshops
Introductory - Afternoon or evening. 3-4 hours. £ 50

Whole Day Workshops
Intensive - Morning and afternoon or afternoon and evening. 7 hours. £ 80

Weekend Workshops                                                                                              2 days Intensive. 14 hours.  £120       

Holistic Retreats
Full Programme
Group sessions plus one-to-one sessions.
One week or more. Costing according to package from £ 130 p.p.

Individually formatted according to best suitability.

Individually tailored to fit with your Company or Institution.

  Please enquire for next dates and venue of your prefered workshop.         Call early to secure a place. Minimum 48 hrs. advance booking or cancellation. 

                           Call us  020 8578 4431                                                        or                 

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