The workshops are offered on a one-to-one basis and in groups at The Green Centre, London as well as other locations in the UK and abroad.                                   

For a more intensive experience we offer our Holistic Travel and Retreats programme.

We also compose tailor made programmes to suit your particular needs.


- Holistic Meditation and Self-Hypnosis  -

 - Discover and Harmonise your four Faculties -

             - Explore and Integrate your Ego-Roles -

                 - Reconnect with your Higher-Self -                             

                              - Past Life Regression -                            

- Release Ceremony -

                          - Shamanic Journeys - 

                       - The Bitching-fest for all -                  



Short Workshops                                                                  Afternoon or evening sessions. 2 hours. £ 30

Basic Workshops
Introductory - Afternoon or evening. 3-4 hours. £ 50

Whole Day Workshops
Intensive - Morning and afternoon or afternoon and evening. 7 hours. £ 80

Weekend Workshops                                                                                              2 days Intensive. 14 hours.  £120       

Holistic Retreats
Full Programme
Group plus one-to-one sessions with each participants.
One week or more. Enquire for costing according to package from £ 130 p.p.

Individually formatted according to best suitability.

Individually tailored to fit with your Company or Institution. To include one-to-one sessions with individual participants.


    Please enquire for dates and venue of your prefered workshop.         Call early to secure a place. Minimum 48 hrs. advance booking or cancellation. 

                           Call us  020 8578 4431                                                        or                 

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