Transcendental Progression

A journey of self discovery, healing  and re-connecting with yourself.

         Achieve all-round well-being with this holistic spiritual psychology.                                              

                   This is a brief summary of principles and practises                      used in therapy, workshops, training courses and outlined in the work book


                                           Introduction:                                                                                     Getting to see your Whole Self.

                             Harmonising your four Faculties   

Matter:   your physical body, possessions, physical health, activities and interactions.  Emotion: your emotional being, experiencing, expression and interaction.                Mind:       your intellect, reasoning, thinking processes and mental interactions. Psyche:  your extra-sensory perceptions and interactions.                                        

Working with the Faculties helps clarify their respective qualities, strengths and weaknesses and promotes internal harmonisation, healing and development. We address personal issues such as anxiety, depression, insecurity, confusion,  being stuck,  etc. We explore Dynamics such as Proportional Development, Boundaries, Limits, Principles of Energies, Interactive Dynamics, Assertiveness and Needs. We also use worksheets and you learn practises such as Deep Listening, Transposition Dialogue and Holistic Meditation.

                                 Integrating your Ego-Roles
Ego is made up of your personal Ego-Roles, the Ego family. You are helped to work with and integrate your inner Ego-Roles such as for example the inner child, the parent,the lover, the employee, the victim, the hero, and others.                                 
Worksheets help identify your Ego-Roles. Transposition Dialogues are used  for a natural release and healing of old pains and limitations. It is a very personal experience which allows you to being understood, being validated, experience forgiveness and guidance and lots more. You access your Ego qualities and develop communication skills which enhance inner and external relationship. You get to see yourself and others better and  bring about change by clearing and healing conflicts, negotiating compromises and developing good living. Subjects such as Programming, Change, Relationship, Love and the Heart Centre, Polarisation and Integration, Projection and Transference are explored.

                     Re-connectiong with your Higher-Self
By working through Faculties and Ego, you come to experience a clearer awareness of your  Higher Self. The journey from lower Self to Higher Self re-connects you with  your Essential Being , reveals your individual  place in the world and links you to everything you truly are and to all of creation. Learning to access Higher Self changes your perspectives on everything, allowing you to transform the quality of your living and to access your natural spirituality.                                                                                                                                                                                        Practising techniques for Transcendence including Holistic Meditation and Holistic Mindfulness are used for shifting consciousness at will. Exploring Consciousness, Awareness, Transcendence, Cause and Effect, Divinity and Spirituality open the opportunity for you to pursue a spiritual path.


 We  all  can  fly  into  the  adventure  of  life!


"It is bench-mark material." Mr. B.Allen.

"Transcendental Progression is amazing!" Mr. A. Akdogu

"This book is filled with personal discovery. Astonishing and eye-opening. As teacher, I also use it in class. One of my own students calls it a door to our own heaven." Mr. M. Galeano                                 
Diploma Graduate
"Transcendental Progression is an elegantly simple guide to self-discovery. The approach has given me unequivocal insight into inter and intro personal relating. It has equipped me with effective techniques to continue my journey of self-improvement and integration and to help others too." Miss R. Whittemore BA

Workshop participant
"The work we did and the learning proved helpful in my personal and professional life."       Reverend. R. Redding

"Transcendental Progression has been personally transformational and has also impacted my creative work as painter." Mr. K. Wallace
"The map of the Whole-Self" describes this book so well; it really addresses the important parts and  networks of Self and has encouraged me to open up to discover a whole new world."           Mr. T. Lehmuspelto M.Sc.(Tech.)

Therapy clients
"It Really Works!" Mrs. A. G.
"Therapy with Transcendental Progression has actually helped me find the solutions and also to resolve my problems. I found it different and more effective than the counselling I had before."   Mr. D. C.

Self-development clients

                "I have used what you taught me and feel a much better person." Miss J. Heaven                 "I’m so glad I came to you. I have learnt a lot from your wise words." Miss S. Heaven