Combining Travel and Higher Purpose


Holistic travel sees people exploring, developing and healing their inner  world while enjoying the outside world away from the burdens, limitations and constraints of life at home. An experience to serve the whole self.        

We are listing very special venues in beautiful, inspiring places and eco-therapeutic environments which range from simple and earthy to mid-range and luxury levels of facilities and costing.

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Our basic retreat subjects are:

* Harmonising body, emotion, mind and psyche  *

* Integrating Ego-Roles *

                   * Re-connecting with Higher Self *

               These can be complemented  with any of our other workshops.

A one-week retreat comprises group sessions, one-to-one individual work with each participant and holistic meditation practise. Sessions take place some afternoons and some evenings to allow for free time to enjoy other activities and possible additional experiences such as yoga, painting,  music, massage, swimming, walking, riding, cooking, diving and other available options.

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Sun Sea and Spirit

Rio de Janeiro - Brazil  -

Magic Parc, Goa - India -

Auroville, Tamil Nadu - India -

Sri Lanka - www.go-lanka.comBeruwala/ypsylon-tourist-resort

Eastern exotic luxury resorts -

Costa Rica -

Great Huts - Jamaica -

Mongolia -


Hills, Health and Higher Self

Toscana and painting - Italy

Yurts in Cyprus -

Yoga Centres Ibiza -

Big Sky Yoga Retreats USA -

France -

Happiness at Home

Gaunt's House -

The Grange, Isle of Wight -

Rainbow's End, Devon -


              We are inviting other programme and travel providers to share               in collaboration with us to optimise our menu with bright experiences for our clients.
Please contact us with your enthusiastic proposals and lovely ideas!