Certificates  -  Diploma  -  Master Licence


    A Diploma student enjoying his lesson.                  A Certificate Graduation.


A holistic meditation and self hypnosis practice.

Level 1 Practitioner Certificate.  Level 2 Practitioner Certificate.                         These qualifications are achieved by completing Module 1 or 2.

The Level 3 Practitioner Diploma is gained by completing all 3 modules.

Master License
This is an advanced option for Diploma holders wishing to become competent to train students in Transcendental Progression and become qualified to award Certificates and Diplomas.    


Your tutor Anushka I. Jordan

Courses Format

In brief, the courses cover theory and practice studies of Transcendental Progression and include psychology principles and practises such as deep listening, awareness development, transcendental dialogue, holistic meditation, consciousness shifting and include some personal therapy.       Please view our Transcendental Progression page for more content or ask for our brochure.                                                                                                Courses are held in groups or individual tuition.                                                 A free copy of 'Finding your Way Home with Transcendental Progression' is included in the fee. Concession fees are negotiable.

Module 1
Introduction to Whole Self.
Faculties.                                                                                                                   10 classes including 4 therapeutic dialogue sessions and Holistic Meditation.      Student home study and practise. 2 essays. 2 practise cases.Exams and evaluation. Module fee £700 -                

Module 2
10 classes including 4 therapeutic dialogue sessions.                                                                                                               Student home study and practise. 1 essay. 2 practise cases. Exams and evaluation.                                                                                                    Module fee £700 -

Module 3
Re-connecting with Higher Self. 
10 classes including Higher Self meditation.                                                        Student home study and practise. 3 essays, 1 practise case. Exams and evaluation.                                                                                                    Module fee £700 -        ____________________________________________________

Course Schedules

The modular, flexible format makes this a very accessible training for gaining your professional qualification.

Courses start seasonally.                                                                      Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Please ask for next date.

Time per Module.                                                                               Three months per Module in 10 weekly classes. (40 hrs. tuition)                                                                                                                                                   Classes are flexi-time.                                                                    Classes are 4 hrs. on a weekend afternoon. 

Retreat package.                                                                                       

Any module can be combined with a holistic retreat package for an added dimension of experience.                                                              _____________________________________________________________

Insurance                                                                                                          Professional insurance cover is available.

Qualifying and registration                                                    After completing the course the student will be awarded the relevant Certificate or Diploma and can start practising independently or enter into Franchise collaboration and will be entered in the International Practitioners Register kept by: 

The Green Centre, London,  UK, 0044 (0)20 8578 4431

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