Do You Know What Makes You Tick?

      Why  Therapy,  Holistic Life Coaching,  Spiritual Guidance?

We are all made up of a collection of programmes and habits, some inborn, some learned and shaped through the course of our lives. We are mostly unaware of them  as they influence how we live and affect us on all levels;                                           physically, emotionally, mentally, psychically, in our Ego-Roles and spiritual awareness

When they are imbalanced or dysfunctional we experience anxiety, depression, fears. We can get stuck in issues such as personal conflicts, unsatisfactory lifestyle, relationship problems, workplace problems, insecurity, low self-esteem, phobias, bullying, traumas, bereavement, ethical / spiritual / religious crisis, etc.   This can cause us deep unhappiness with others and ourselves and in the extreme, make life feel futile.

How we help you:

We use a range of powerful therapeutic, cognitive and experiential techniques including psychotherapy, holistic life coaching, transcendental dialogues, holistic meditation, mindfulness and hypnosis to help you heal, gain strength and confidence.

                             The result is life affirming and joyful.  

               *  Choose to grow on the sunny side of life  *                               
  • Achieve fuller expression of who you really are.

  • Develop better competence to cope with current and recurring problems and crises.

  • Increase your emotional intelligence to interact more effectively.

  • Tap your inner resources, creativity and productivity.

  • Become more successful in relationships.

  • Engage with your Higher Self wisdom.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * 

                           Session Formats and Fee Structure 2018

Session duration
One-to-one sessions                 1 ½ hrs.              
Workshops                              2 – 4 hrs.     
Practitioner Training Courses    10 sessions of 4 hrs. per module.
Holistic Travel /Retreats           from 2 workshops plus 2 one-to-one sessions p.p.

We work with a sliding fee structure to accommodate everybody's paying ability.
We do not exclude anyone who wishes to use and to learn Transcendental Progression.
For anyone in hardship we work for donations, service exchange or offer a free bursary.
In that spirit we have the following guidelines:

Rates                                                       Regular Rates            Reduced Rates
One-to-one sessions                                           80,-                       50,-
Workshops   2/ 3 hrs.                                         60,-/70,-                30,-/40,-
Practitioner Training Course per Modules            700,-                     500,-
Holistic Travel / Retreats programme from          200,-                     130,-


Minimum 48 hrs. advance booking or cancellation.