Wise words help discover                                          solutions to your issues.    


          It is less the issue what you have to deal with,            but how you deal with it.

If I change myself, even just a little, I change the world.
If I go with kindness and compassion, I can not go wrong.


How to optimise your living:

Validate, praise, celebrate and enjoy what is good and strong and build on it.
With good faith and hope develop all that can be grown.
     With courage, patience, determination and with help improve and              fix and balance what does not work.
That makes life successful.

Sometimes we fail….each one of us does sometimes fail….and fail again. Make peace by sincerely owning and regretting errors and make amends.
Be gracious and forgiving to bring healing.
                             Grieve and let go with dignity and,                                even in your pain, embrace the new with love and trust.

         Do all of this with as much kindness and compassion as you can            for yourself and for others.
That is what brings the worth to living.


   Where there is a will, there is a way, where there is    good will, there are many ways.

Love holds all the best answers