It is less a matter of what you have to deal with            but how you deal with it.   


How can we meet challenges?

To protect our human vulnerabilities we can:

1 - Try to evade and avoid challenges by hiding from living.
     Loss of opportunities. Losing Life. Emptiness.
2 - Erect strong defences, become hard, desensitized. Programming body, mind 
     and emotion with defensive skills. Brittle and still unsafe inside.
3 - Build up inner strength to gain ability to deal with what life presents.
     A spiritual path.

If I change myself, even just a little, I change the world.
If I go with kindness and compassion, I can not go wrong.


                                   What is your concept of sin?

Nowadays in our secular society we don’t talk or think so much about sin.
We usually feel it is an antiquated religious and mostly irrelevant thing in a modern life.
Nevertheless, rules and laws format the way we live. This is intended for the good of the individual and of society.

To start with we have distinct Cultural codes of conduct, which differ from group to group, cultures and nations.

We are required to live by the rule of Law, which is supposed to enforce fairness and morality on the individual and the masses above and beyond the societal codes.

Likewise Religions have their rulebooks to direct their members in proscribed ways of conduct and in some societies they can be seen to overrule secular law.

Politics mixes the above and also brings in rules for commerce to manage us  nationally and globally.

Together, Culture, Law, Religion and Politics are meant to make for a better society, both for the collective and the individual. Our choices are directed and limited by our societies and religions. We are made to conform through the manipulative principle of reward and punishment, which we experience from the cradle to the grave.

Those laws and rules of conduct also form psychological internalised programmes dictating what to do and what not do. This can be called your conscience.
A rule can come into direct conflict with what our individual body, mind and emotions tell us. Although a rule can be beneficial, it can also be wrong and damaging. Throughout life we enjoy the benefits of the rules, struggle with the rules, suffer from the rules, submit or rebel against them.

The rules by which we live are:

Rules of Culture and Law which are men made.

Religious rules which are considered God given and interpreted by men.

    Now let’s consider an additional way to inform and guide our conduct:

                                         Higher Self guided.                                                                                This is individual, direct, spiritual based.                                                Higher Self has only one base rule which says that:

  Sin is the harming knowingly or intentionallyof of self or another,     human, animal, plant our world or any manifestation of the Divine Origin.                                                                                                                     The Higher Self can be thought of as our Soul, the Divine part of our Self.
When we connect directly with our Higher Self we bring the best qualities, strength and wisdom into our daily living.

Usually we are not adequately educated about our Whole Self and are not sufficiently aware of what makes up our Whole Self and how it works best.
Through Transcendental Progression you can gain this understanding and learn methods to access your Higher Self to transform your living.


How to optimise your living:

Validate, praise, celebrate and enjoy what is good and strong and build on it.
With good faith and hope develop all that can be grown.
     With courage, patience, determination and with help improve and              fix and balance what does not work.
That makes life successful.

Sometimes we fail….each one of us does sometimes fail….and fail again. Make peace by sincerely owning and regretting errors and make amends.
Be gracious and forgiving to bring healing.
                                Grieve and let go with dignity and,                                     even in your pain, embrace the new with love and trust.

         Do all of this with as much kindness and compassion as you can             for yourself and for others.
That is what brings the worth to living.


   Where there is a will, there is a way, where there is    good will, there are many ways.

Unconditional Love holds all the best answers.