~ Transcendental Progression ~              
                    A holistic spiritual  psychology
                 for therapy and self-development.

A specially developed therapeutic process
of self-exploration, healing and growth to achieve complete well-being.

It's theories and techniques are of practical application and continued day to day relevance
to resolve your unhelpful inner programmes.

Whether you are seeking to improve your personal well-being, or are a practitioner seeking to improve others’ lives, Transcendental Progression can serve you.

We offer one-to-one sessions, workshops and practitioner training courses from our center in London.

Workshops and retreats in the UK and abroad are wonderful alternatives. There is  also a book available as a comprehensive self-help guide to Transcendental Progression.



  • We have added Rio de Janeiro as a new exciting destination for holistic travel. Soul, Sea and Samba.
  • And in the lovely Toscana, painting and personal development.
  • Visit our stand at Mind, Body, Soul Exhibition at Alexandra Palace 21.to 23.October.

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New Workshop:

The Bitching-fest for all.
An emotional detox to experience immediate relief under professional guidance.
Laugh and cry, rave and rant.
Swear and shout, and let it out.
ar the deck and start afresh.

                       Please go to our workshops page for full programme.