Live Better
Mentally,  Emotionally  and  Spiritually.

Do you feel you are getting nowhere fast?
Are you struggling with relationships?
Is frustration, exhaustion or despair
getting the better of you?

is a good day to start improving your life.
Get help to resolve the causes of your unhappiness.

We serve you with professional skills and years of experience.

Transcendental Progression
  Psychotherapy  /  Counselling
 Holistic Life Coaching


Past Life Regression
Shamanic Processes
   Meditation and Mindfulness Techniques
Spiritual Guidance

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One-to-one Sessions
Practitioner Training Courses
Holistic Travel and Retreats
    Self-help Book   

      In an Oasis of Tranquillity to Restore your Well-being. 

                  The Green Centre
London  0044 (0)20  8578  4431
Monday  to  Friday 10am - 6pm  and  confidental  24hr. answering machine.


  • Man - Space,  a group for men to talk confidentially rather than hide in silence. Thursdays 7 - 9pm.
  • Would you like to join our next holistic travel to Sri Lanka ?
  • Special offer: £50 off for the first 2 applicants to the next Practitioner Training Course Level 1.
  • Mind, Body, Soul and Yoga Exhibition, Alexandra Palace.          My wonderful team and I had great success at the show assisting many visitors, serving 20 workshop participants and reciving many enquiries for our Practitioner Training Courses even from as far away as India and China.


Monthly Workshops Programme:

Holistic Meditation and Self-Hypnosis
Sa. 16th March,  7pm -9pm, £ 30

Harmonising your Body, Emotion, Mind and Psyche 
Su.17th March,  2pm - 6pm,  £40

Integrating your Ego-Roles
Su. 24th  March,  2pm - 6pm, £ 40

The Bitching-fest
Su. 6th April, 4pm - 6pm, £ 30
An emotional detox to experience immediate relief under professional guidance.
    Laugh and cry, rave and rant. Swear and shout, and let it out. Clear the deck and start afresh.

                       Please go to our workshops page for full programme.